Booking Terms

  • All payments made to book a limousine are Non-Refundable.
  • Client agrees that these terms and conditions and the charges are non-disputable.
  • Client understands that trip dates booked in advance are a confirmed commitment (oral contract) by the client.
  • Booking a date commits a driver and vehicle to a specific time slot.
  • When other clients call to book said vehicle during the contracted booking date and time, their request is denied because the vehicle is already committed.
  • If the booked client cancels or reduces the hours of their booking prior to the run date, the client understands and agrees that their credit card will be charged for the full contracted amount.

Payment Terms

  • All trips must be secured by a credit card on file, even if you are paying cash at pickup we must still have a card on file for your trip.
  • If you have any amount due, it must be paid to the driver prior to starting the trip and entering the limousine.
  • Client understands and agrees that all deposits and payments are nonrefundable.

Trip Terms

  • The driver will take directions from only one designated person in the vehicle (normally the booking client)
  • The designated person or booking client must have ready access to a phone at all times during the trip.
  • Weapons are strictly prohibited in the limousine by the client or anyone in their party at any time, this includes firearms, knives or any other weapon.
  • No passenger under the age of 21 will be permitted to drink alcohol in the limousine. If this should occur, the run will be immediately terminated, and no refunds are given.
  • Client agrees that there will be NO SMOKING in our vehicle(s).
  • The client is responsible for damages to the vehicle committed by his/her party during service, either willfully or accidentally.
  • Derby City Limousines is not responsible for unforeseen delays nor termination in weather caused by unsafe road conditions (i.e. roads not salted, accidents, etc.).
  • The driver, nor Derby City Limousines is responsible for any items left in limousine at any time.
  • Client agrees that the passenger capacity of the vehicle provided shall not be exceeded.
  • In case of misconduct by your party, chauffeur has the right to terminate this agreement anytime without any refunds.
  • The client holds Derby City Limousines harmless and not liable for any personal or material damages arising from the conduct of his/her party.
  • If limousine is late due to company error, time will be adjusted to the time the limousine actually arrives. Absolutely no refunds given on any occasion.

Addition Charges

  • Any run going any time beyond the scheduled run-time will result in an additional payment by the hour. One minute into the next hour will consist of a full rental hour.
  • Additional tolls, parking, and other fees may apply. Actual total amount due will be calculated upon completion of the trip if any changes in the original itinerary change.
  • The booking client assumes full financial liability for any damage to the limousine caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party.
  • If motion sickness should occur, there is a minimum clean up fee of $150.00, plus downtime.
  • If spills of any kind should occur, there will be a cleanup charge of $75.00, plus downtime.
  • A minimum charge of $300.00 will be assessed and charged to the booking client’s credit card for detailing of the vehicle in the event that there is excessive trashing, spilling, or human waste.
  • Any fines will be paid for by the client. The driver has the right to terminate run without refund (if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client).
  • Derby City Limousines is not responsible for traffic or weather-related delays. If the customer is in the limousine during any type of delay, time continues.

Other Terms & Conditions

  • Derby City Limousines or its affiliates are not liable in the event of a mechanical breakdown while on, or prior to charter and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date.
  • Derby City Limousines has the right to substitute a like vehicle or vehicles with adequate seating capacity and will not be held responsible to compensate the client.
  • Derby City Limousines does reserve the right to cancel and refuse service due to any violation of this agreement on the part of the client.
  • Derby City Limousines maintains the right to subcontract clients booking to a third party company to provide transportation appropriate to clients transportation needs.
  • Client understands that Derby City Limousines is not liable for services or vehicles provided by a subcontracted third party company.