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No prom night is complete without the perfect limo. At Derby City Limousines we understand that you’re looking for the most affordable limousine for prom in Louisville KY, without sacrificing luxury and quality. Even if you’re on a limited budget or going all in with a group of friends, we make the process easy and affordable to get the limousine you really want at a great low rate.

Parents, Keep Your Kids Safe on Prom Night

If you’re the parent of a teenager in the Louisville or the surrounding areas, we understand the fear that prom night brings. You want your kids to have a fun time, but can’t help but worry about alcohol, drugs, and highways full of careless drivers. The best ways to ensure a safe night while making your teenager happy is to hire a limo for their prom.

Not only will the kids be safe in the hands of a professional, background-checked chauffeur, but they also will never forget the generosity and caring you put into making this night unforgettable. Derby City Limousines has some great discounts on prom limo packages, to make guaranteeing their safety and fun all the more affordable on you.

How to tell if a limousine is legal

Reserve Your Limousine Today!

Prom limousines always book well in advance, and the best way to get the lowest price is to reserve yours as early as possible. You can use our safe and secure online quick quote form, to get rates, or check availability.

Proms are our specialty! 

We have a number of different prom packages to fit your needs. We certainly don’t limit you to doing things our way.

We have 4 options for prom, you could use our prom package where we jump between 2 groups or you can go with our hourly prom rate which would cost a little more but the limo would stay with your group the entire time with unlimited stops, or for those on a budget that still want a limo on prom night for a discounted rate, try our after prom package. It’s your prom so you choose what option you want.

  • Option #1 Dinner Prom Package
    This includes picking everyone up from one location and taking them to dinner,
    Then picking everyone up from dinner and taking them to Prom
    Then picking everyone up from prom and taking them back to the pickup location.
  • Option #2 Breakfast Prom Package
    This includes picking everyone up from one location and taking them to prom
    Then picking everyone up from prom and taking them to breakfast
    Then picking everyone up from breakfast and taking them back to the pickup location.
  • Option #3 Hourly Prom Package
    This includes unlimited of pickups and drops, taking to photo shoot locations of another area of interest.
    To and from prom and riding around in the limo as time permits after prom
    6 hours of total time limit included.
  • Option #4 After Prom Package
    If you don’t want to pay the normal prom rates but want to have the limousine experience on prom night this may be the option for you.
    You get 3 hours of limousine service after 1 AM on prom night for a discounted rate.

These packages are based on first come first serve, the first group to book a certain limo gets to choose the option they want. There is a very limited supply of fully insured and licensed limousines in our area so booking early is the smart thing to do, get your trip reserved and save the stress of not being able to get the limo you want or working around another group.

Our Prom Rates are based on the date of your prom and how many passengers you have in your group. Use the form “Quick Quote” to get a fast quote on your prom transportation.